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Cembre MG3 Thermal Transfer Printer - 4/4/19

Cembre MG3 Thermal Transfer Printer

The MARKINGGENIUS MG3 is a high resolution plug and play flat bed tag printer based on thermal transfer printer technology, with ribbon saving technology making it ideal for terminal identification.

  • Ribbon saving function, one ribbon prints 50% more than competitors
  • Prints 112 terminal tags in 12 seconds 
  • Print up to 300,000 tags with a single ribbon
  • Compatible with all major terminal block brands
  • Thermal ink cartridges do not expire

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2018 News

Weidmüller Industrial LED Lighting Solution - 8/14/18

Weidmüller Industrial LED Lighting Solution

Weidmüller lighting solution features a unique LED arrangement in a robust and compact 8mm-deep housing. The 20-degree angle of the LEDs provide an ultra-wide light cone that can illuminate a broad area, eliminating the need to rotate the light for greater coverage. The LEDs have a light color of 6500K– similar to daylight– with a low power consumption of only 420mA and 24Vdc operating voltage.

  • Mounting holes are sized and spaced at 225mm 
  • M12 plug with a prefabricated cable for an easy, weather-tight connection
  • IP67 aluminum housing

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DEHNpatch Outdoor - 6/5/18

DEHN DEHNpatch Outdoor

The new DEHNpatch Outdoor is a waterproof Ethernet/PoE enclosure that is IP66 rated, impervious to dust and water jets. With this "all in one" solution you will save time on procurement and installation.

  • Universal mounting bracket for pole and wall mounting.
  • NEMA 4X / IP 66 Indoor/outdoor, UL 497 compliant
  • Cable sealing grommet also provides strain relief

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ABB Motor Starting with Push-in Wiring- 4/6/18

ABB Motor Starting with Push-In Wiring

ABB is launching the industry’s first range of motor starting solutions with a Push-in Spring technology, an innovative tool-free connection concept that speeds up wiring work and provides a vibration-resistant connection making continuous operation more reliable.

  • Tool free connection
  • Eliminates need for routine re-tightening work
  • Shock and vibration resistant

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Brady QuickSleeve Handheld Sleeve Applicator - 4/5/18

Brady QuickSleeve Handheld Sleeve Applicator

The QuickSleeve Handheld Sleeve Applicator is an intuitive multi-tool that is designed to help quickly apply sleeves on to wires. This tool includes specially designed slanted tubes sized for common sleeve sizes that allow for the quick application of sleeves in three simple steps – just pick, slip and apply.

  • Save time and money with increased application output in this streamlined application process
  • Complete label application and wire termination with the four slanted tubes and terminal block sized screwdriver
  • Use it in low-lit conditions with built-in LED flashlight
  • Stay cramp free with the ergonomic design

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Red Lion NT24K Switches PTP Enabled- 2/21/18

Red Lion NT24K Switches

Red Lion’s NT24k all-gigabit managed industrial Ethernet switches make sure production runs smoothly with the introduction of IEEE 1588v2 capabilities. PTP implementation supports both Boundary Clock and Transparent Clock, providing users with the flexibility they need for their operations NT24k users can also benefit from increased network security thanks to a host of security features including:

  • 802.1x with RADIUS remote server authentication for local access
    •  Browser & CLI (command-line interface)
  • Local access authentication
  • HTTPS 
  • SSH (Secure Shell) 
  • SSL (Secure Sockets Layer)
  • Configurable length password (3-15 characters)
  • Ability to disable/enable NTCD option

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2017 News

Thomas & Betts EX Enclosures - 10/12/17

T&B EX Explosion proof enclosures

Thomas & Betts new EX™ enclosure solutions, a new, full line of explosion-proof enclosures for use in hazardous and adverse environments. T&B EX offers enclosure solutions for:

  • Hazardous Environment Protection: Full range of certified enclosure solutions for Gas and Dust hazards
  • Corrosive and Harsh Environment Protection: Special materials and coating options for protection in harshest environments including Salt Spray, UV radiation, Wash-Down etc.
  • Total Cost of Ownership: A smart and modular design reduces installation cost and simplifies maintenance

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PULS Redundancy Modules - 9/14/17

PULS Reduncacy Module

PULS has recently released 3 new 20A, dual input redundancy modules. All units have extremely long service lifetimes and include negative terminals for easier wiring. Both YR20 units decouple the input & output via MOSFET technology that greatly reduces the heat generation and voltage drop. The YR20.246 features Automated Load Sharing that also monitors the function of the redundancy circuit and provides a signal if conditions exist that could prevent redundancy. The PIRD20.241 utilizes diodes to decouple the input and output to provide a cost effective solution for redundancy with PIANO Series power supplies.

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Weidmüller 2017 Engineers' Choice Award - 6/12/17

Weidmüller ACT20P-PRO DCDC II Singnal Conditioner

The ACT20P-PRO DCDC II analog signal conditioner from Weidmüller has been selected to receive a 2017 Engineers’ Choice Award in the category of Network Integration – Signal Conditioning from Control Engineering magazine. The ACT20P-PRO DCDC II is a flexible and universal input analog device that offers secure isolation and precise conversion of current and voltage signals for applications ranging from machine panel control to process automation and fossil fuel energy technology.

  • Simple configuration with integrated front display
  • Compact 12.5mm DIN-rail mounted housing
  • Range of ±300 VDC or ±100 mA and any value in-between

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Allied Moulded NEMA 4x Ventilation Kit - 5/3/17

Allied Moulded NEMA 4x Ventilation Kit

Allied Moulded has developed a ventilation kit that maintains the enclosure’s NEMA Type 4X rating. With a formed-in-place (FIP) polyurethane gasket and 316 Stainless Steel screws, the ventilation kit attaches securely to the side of any enclosure.

  • Polycarbonate material offers a wide range of chemical compatible applications 
  • Innovative baffles allow air flow to reduce condensation and heat within enclosure
  • Assembly designed to maintain applicable NEMA/UL/CSA enclosure ratings

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Weidmüller PCB 2.50 Signal Connectors - 1/6/17

Weidmüller Omnimate 2.50 Signal Connector

The new BLF 2.50 OMNIMATE signal plug-in connector and the associated SL 2.50 male connectors combine components that are as compact as possible while offering excellent functionality and simple handling. Features:

  • Integrated pusher to make opening the contact point easier.
  • Additional test point for user-friendly service measurements.
  • Male header has two available outlet directions
  • PUSH IN connector up to 0.5 mm²

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2016 News

Weidmüller Klippon TB Steel Enclosures - 1/4/17

Weidmüller Klippon TB Steel Enclosures

Klippon® TB enclosure range withstands even toughest environmental conditions and is especially suited to the demands of harsh environment conditions requested by the process and energy industries. An electro polished surface of the Klippon® TB enclosures, adds further protection against dirt, moisture and other impacts from undermining the performance. Features:

  • Secure locking with a padlock
  • Flexible locking on both sides
  • Uniform seal all around
  • Gasket compression is controlled

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Weidmüller Ethernet Surge Protector - 11/8/16

Weidmüller VDATA CAT6 Ethernet Switch

New Weidmüller Ethernet Surge Protectors safeguard equipment from lightning strikes and power surges on Ethernet data lines. Features:

  • Suitable for Cat. 5 (up to 100 MHz) and Cat. 6 (up to 250 MHz Class E)
  • Suitable for PoE (acc. to IEEE 802.3af) and PoE+ (acc. to IEEE 802.3at)
  • Protection of all wire pairs
  • Connection via RJ45 sockets
  • Metal housing

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Schmersal SRB-E Safety Controller - 09/7/16

Schmersal SRB-E Safety Controller

The PROTECT SRB-E is a series of multi-functional, configurable, electronic  safety controllers. Each module can be adjusted to one of up to 11 preset configurations which include selecting the type of reset, activating or deactivating cross-wire monitoring, and selecting the monitored contact configuration via a rotary dial on the front. Once changed to the desired setting, the dials are protected from further adjustment by a transparent front cover which can be easily secured.

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Weidmüller THM MultiMark - 06/14/16

Weidmüller THM MultiMark Thermal transfer Printer

The THM MMP is a thermal transfer printer with a sturdy, modular construction. It‘s key advantage is in the processing of continuous materials, fabric and polyester labels, shrink sleeves and PLC labels. The device is very simple to operate thanks to Weidmüller‘s interfacing software M-Print® PRO and intuitive touch display.

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SAB Medical Grade Cables - 06/14/16

SAB Medical Grade Cables

SAB medical grade cables are tested for high durability and repeated torsional and bending movements. These cables are manufactured with various insulation and sheath materials for use with cleaning substances in sterile applications. For use in:

  • Surgery Robot Systems
  • Sterile Applications
  • Dental Technology

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Contrinex C23 Photoelectric Sensor - 04/07/16

Contrinex C23 Photoelectric Sensor

The C23 series (20 mm x 30 mm x 10 mm) of miniature cubic sensors offers solutions for a wide range of industries and applications. With IO-Link communication on all PNP-type sensors, the C23 series bridges the gap between machines and the digital world to meet the demands of smart factories.

The C23 sensor from Contrinex out performs the comparable Banner Q20 and Sick G6 sensors, view the comparison chart below. 

The C23 distance measurement sensor (20 mm x 34 mm x 12 mm) uses triangulation technology to offer precise measurement in an IP69K rated, cubic housing. Distance measurement is also possible by utilizing the analog voltage outputs available on other cubic models.

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Brady BMP51 and BMP71 Promo - 03/18/16

Brady BMP51 and BMP71 handheld label printers

Save 30% on Brady’s BMP®51 and BMP®71 printers from March 15th thru May 31st. With a reliable label printer on hand, you can quickly and easily create the labels you need for your workplace.

  • BMP51 -  $450.00 regularly   
                    $315.00 now 
  • BMP71 -  $895.00 regularly 
                    $626.50 now 


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Rittal Enclosures Webcast - 03/09/16

Modular Enclosures vs. Non-Modular Enclosures:
Matching Your Enclosure to Your Application

When: Thursday, March 31, 2016
Time:  1:00 PM EDT / 12:00 PM CDT / 10:00 AM PDT / 5:00 PM GMT
Duration: 60 minutes

Today’s modular enclosures differ from older, welded enclosures in several ways. Newer enclosures’ modularity provide greater flexibility in system design, mounting options, and other deployment characteristics.

This free webcast seminar, delivered by Rittal and produced by Cabling Installation & Maintenance, details the differences between truly modular and welded enclosures. It explains the essential functions of enclosures, and how the two enclosure types perform those functions. Additionally, the seminar addresses the considerations that should be made when specifying an enclosure. Among those considerations are the application for which the enclosure will be used, the environment in which it will reside, space and temperature requirements, and the enclosure’s need to facilitate cable management.

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Weidmüller DCS Migration - 02/09/16

Weidmüller DCS Migration

Weidmüller’s patented new universal conversion/migration platform will substantially reduce the time and expense of updating your legacy Honeywell DCS systems to any new DCS, or Control System.

  • Permits your existing field wiring to remain in place
  • Eliminates the need to wire-trace or ring-out  
  • Assembly is a universal conversion/migration system for all legacy Honeywell IPC-620 DCS systems
  • All components are plug-and play with keyed connectors to eliminate any chance of wiring errors
  • Migration solution includes just four versions of a card adapter, 12-, 22-, 24- and 38-points

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Rittal Hygienic Design Compact Enclosure - 02/05/16

Rittal Hygienic Design Compact Enclosure

Housing with 30° roof tilt. Internal hinges, an all-round gap-free silicone seal and hygiene-compliant lock inserts ensure that the design meets cleanliness standards in food processing and pharmaceutical environments.

  • 30° roof tilt
    • Prevents objects from being deposited on it
    • Easily inspected
    • Allows fluids to drain off
  • Overhanging roof
    • Protects door edge and seal
    • Sufficiently large gap allows for easy cleaning
  • Internal hinges
    • Creates easy-clean external profile
    • Right hand hinged (reversible)

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Weidmüller 1180 Series Circuit Breakers - 01/07/16

Weidmüller 1180 series circuit breakers

Weidmüller's thermal circuit breaker type 1180 reduces stoppages and downtime. In combination with a modular style terminal block the circuit breaker offers individual protection for every circuit.

  • Push button resettable
  • All standard amperages available from 0.1 A to 10.0 A
  • cRUus (UL 1077) and CSA (C22.2 No. 235)

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Graceports R-3W2 Thru-Door Voltage Indicator - 01/05/16

Graceport R-31 Easy Install Pass-Thru

The R-3W2 SafeSide thru-door voltage indicator provides electrical safety information while the panel doors are safely closed.

  • 40-750VAC / 30-1000VDC
  • UL Hazardous Location
  • CAT III/IV Electrical Rating
  • UL Type 4X, 12, 13
  • Potted Construction with 6’ Lead


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2015 News

LUTZE AWM 600V rated Ethernet Cables - 12/15/15

Lutze AWM 600V Rated Ethernet Cables

LUTZE AWM 600V rated Ethernet Cables are designed within the Ethernet CAT 6a and CAT5e standards and fit most common industrial grade connectors, shielded for EMC compatibility and specifically designed for industrial environments.



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Tri-Tronics SMARTEYE® SmartDot Laser Sensor - 12/10/15

Tri-Tronics SMARTEYE SmartDot Laser Sensor

The SmartDot Laser Sensor is designed for in general purpose sensing applications and also high precision applications for small parts detection, critical identifying feature inspection, and detection of micro electronic packages. The consistently small laser beam is used to detect such things as a tab on a battery, a misaligned or missing bottle cap, or a cross-threaded can lid. The SmartDot Laser Sensor is easily aligned, easily setup, and designed for repeatability of performance from sensor to sensor.


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Red Lion Protocol Conversion List - 12/1/15

Red Lion Protocol Conversion List

Red Lion’s Data Station Plus offers protocol conversion with over 300 drivers, data logging and a built-in web server that easily integrates PLCs, drives and automation devices.




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Allied Moulded Ultraplug - 11/12/15

Allied Moulded Ultraplug

Allied Moulded's new ULTRAPLUG® is designed to seal unused holes in enclosures while maintaining NEMA UL type and CSA ratings with the UL recognized hole seal.

  • No-tools tightening
  • Fits a wide range of hole sizes
  • Recognized for use with UL and CSA listed enclosure products


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SAB VFD Cable - 10/23/15


SAB's new VFD Cables are designed to work in a variety of VFD applications:

  • VFD Lean TR is an extremely flexible and oil resistant VFD cable.
  • Servo VFD Combo DS is a flexible VFD cable with 1 or 2 pairs for a brake or temperature sensor when they are
    part of the motor.
  • VFD Dual TR is a flexible VFD cable with an inner jacket for more rugged applications.

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Mega Electronics IEC Lock Power Cord - 10/23/15

Mega Electronics IEC Lock Power Cord

Mega Electronics unique patented lockable female C13 & C19 IEC connectors and outlets guard against accidental disconnection of Computers, PDU’s, Servers and most Network Devices.




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